By Parents, For Parents

Like cisgender (or non-transgender) children, transgender children come from all different types of family backgrounds. Among our TYES families there is great diversity: racially, economically, religious affiliation (or none), gender expansiveness, transitioned (or not), stealth or out, activists or quietly strong, two-parent/one-parent/grandparent/foster parent households, and parents along all the spectrums of sexuality and gender identity.

It is our hope that all Colorado families with gender expansive youth will find support here. 

We are not experts, only families working together to love and protect our children. The resources and knowledge we have to share come from our own experiences with our children who range in age from toddlers to teenagers. 

Together may we work together to support our kids!

Our Services

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Parent Support

Parents of transgender children are faced with unique challenges in safety, healthcare, school, and more. This is why peer-to-peer support from parents who have been there can be invaluable. 

In-person support groups are now available in various parts of the state including Denver & Boulder. We also provide support and resources for starting a support group in your area. We also have a private parent email list, a secret online group, and other ways to give & get support.

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Family Social & Educational Opportunities

Connections through our parent network take many forms in different locations across the state, including: picnics, meet ups, hikes, water park outings, fashion shows, and more! 

Our popular annual Family Camp will be celebrating its 4th year in 2019! Trans kiddos & their siblings get a true camp experience while parents have the opportunity to attend presentations by experts & advocates such as A Queer Endeavor, the Human Rights Campaign, the CO Name Change Project, & the TRUE Center for Gender Diversity.

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We can help families connect to medical, mental health, educational & other trans competent resources.  We also have a lending library for families and schedule guest speakers throughout the year.