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Newsflash! ---> A Message from Hope and Love from the Mom of a Transgender Youth (01.20.15)

"She Was Never a Boy", Huffington Post 03.05/14, written by TYES Founder, Karen Adams

We’re glad you found us! TYES is a Colorado-based, state-wide group supporting all gender expansive children and their families. TYES is dedicated to helping parents support their gender expansive children, and to help families find the information, resources, and the understanding that they need.

Our Mission: TYES empowers and supports families and caregivers of gender expansive youth by providing resources, education, outreach, and advocacy, in order to create supportive environments that allow youth to experience the joy of authenticity.

Our meetings offer parents a supportive forum to discuss the social, educational, and medical needs of their child, and to explore the journey to acceptance and celebration of each child's unique gender expression. In addition to monthly face-to-face meetings, our families benefit from connecting with others via our Facebook group and list serve. Although we all have busy lives, reside in all parts of the state, and may not always be able to make it to a face-to-face meeting, the online connections are invaluable and help families find and support one another. We also offer guest speakers and educational, mental health & medical resources.

Start here with two recommended resources. Visit our "For Parents" link above for more links and resources.

PFLAG Colorado Resources for Trans Youth and Their Families
PFLAG and TYES joint press release

Monthly Meetings

Always confirm meeting location and schedule for the current month.  Due to special events and holidays, these can change for any given month. Colorado has a unique chapter coalition.   You can reach any Colorado chapter's website if you start at http://pflagcolorado.org

Durango:  No PFLAG meetings but there is a person in town who currently keeps the chapter paperwork going; TYES facilitator available. 

Pueblo: No facilitator, No TYES families

Colorado Springs:  Actively working to create a group.  Facilitator available. Meeting times and location: http://www.cspflag.org/csPFLAG/HOME.html

Ft. Collins:  Would love to support a group.  Our facilitator works with The Center at a different location.

Denver: Denver has the capacity to have a great group.   We haven't worked together very much yet but TYES facilitator is driving down whenever possible.
Meeting Times: 1st Thursday.
Meeting information   http://www.pflagdenver.org

Boulder area:  Regular monthly meetings, but please RSVP.  If we don't think anyone is coming, there may not be a facilitator available.   All families are welcome to participate in support group and our work group via Skype as long as you arrange it with the facilitator ahead of time (at least a day or two notice please).  Our work group generally meets ½ hour to an hour before the regularly scheduled meeting.  Times may vary so please RSVP to ensure we are having a work group the day you want to participate.
Meeting Times:  2nd Sunday.
Meeting information:  http://pflagboulder.org

For more information, please email us at TYES.help@gmail.com or call our support line at (720) 443-7708. Please know that we take privacy very seriously and work hard to protect the privacy of everyone in the group.

We are a proud affiliate of PFLAG Boulder County

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